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Cutting Calories Ebook Course

Cutting Calories Ebook Course


This course will bring your clients tons of proven, easy strategies that they can use to help you cut calories without strict diets, pills, supplements, special drinks, or feeling deprived.


The course starts off with 25 ways to cut calories in the very first lesson. The content continues with ways to enhance motivation and shop wisely at the grocery store during your client's weight loss journey. They will learn how they can even benefit from taking a break from your diet. Discover strategies for cutting calories by when and how you eat. Learn calorie-cutting secrets for eating slower, controlling your portions, and eating in moderation. See how to cut calories in drinks as well as food.


Module 2 of the course shows effective tips, tricks, and techniques for coping with eating triggers such as emotional eating, environmental triggers, and late night cravings. They will also discover ways to avoid those frequent trips to the (high-calorie) drive-thru or ordering out, even if they hate to cook. Finally. they will learn ways to use their body’s natural processes to control hunger, increase  self-control, and maintain their weight loss as they move forward.



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