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Physical Therapy

I provide online & in-person sessions in your home for Maryland residents.

Schedule a free phone consultation to determine if physical therapy is a good fit for you.

To request PT services or ask me any questions, please complete the FORM below

Online Physical Therapy

Receive an online program personalized specifically for you. Receive ongoing support & feedback via in-app messaging & weekly discussion via video or phone call.

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In-Home Physical Therapy

Receive personalized physical therapy in the convenience of your own home. I provide therapy services for all conditions & specialize in manual therapy techniques including dry needling.

No Doctor Referral Required

A doctor referral is not required to begin physical therapy. Although if you wish to submit to your insurance for reimbursement, you may want to verify their requirement, as some insurance providers do require a doctor referral to qualify for coverage.


I have been a patient of Dr. Naugle for several years. I had severe shoulder pain and knee pain. His work on me, coupled with his physical therapy, completely healed my shoulder! I was a knee replacement candidate, but needed PT both before my surgery (in order to strengthen my leg) and, of course, post-surgery PT. Within 6 weeks of my surgery, with the help of Tim's excellent skills, my knee was as good as new! He is also just a terrific guy, very personable, very caring, and he has a great sense of humor!!!!! If you have any physical impairments at all . . . Tim Naugle is your man. I highly recommend that you make an appointment with Tim! You'll be really pleased that you did. 😊

My doctor recommended I see Tim Naugle for Physical Therapy for my neck and back after I was rear ended while at a stop light. Seeing Tim was the best advice my doctor gave me to get better. As Tim is great at listening to identify what was causing my pain. As well as creative and resourceful in the exercises used to challenge and keep me going towards getting better. But all along the way Tim made sure to explain the reason behind why we were doing a certain exercise and how it was strengthening, stretching, or preventing some further injury. If you are not your normal self after an accident like I was. Then Tim Naugle is your physical therapist. I went in hunched over in pain, and couldn’t stand up straight for more than 5 minutes before I was in pain from my back. But thanks to Tim, my back and neck are pain free and I have my life back and have been pain free for over a year.

Tim has been my physical therapist for several years now has helped me through my knee operation, shoulder and back issues and I must say that he has the best hands around. His adjustments have been profound and have helped me in my life tremendously. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants Wellness!  He is very much results driven and you can’t find a better physical therapist.

Physical Therapy Education Library

View my library to learn more about common injuries & conditions
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