Health Coaching 

Why Health Coaching?

Imagine if you could lose weight without having to go on a "diet"? Imagine if you could improve all aspects of your health with strategies that fit your lifestyle. Imagine if you could accomplish your goals by making little changes that lead to new lifestyle habits.

The theory of dieting seems so simple. If you eat less than you burn, you will lose weight. Unfortunately, applying this in the real world can be much more challenging. The never ending list of diets that promise quick weight loss. The confusion of what is best. Should you focus on low carb eating or low fat?

Health is about much more than weight loss. Improving your health is the key to true well being and enjoyment of all aspects of your life.

As your health coach, my goal is to help you truly transform your mind & life. I strongly believe that by adopting a healthy mindset & creating simple, manageable healthy habits, I can help you identify and implement a strategy that fits into your unique lifestyle. Together, we will create behavioral changes that will last a lifetime.

Accountability & Tracking 

Individualized to Your Needs


All programs include access to the Just Coach app. This app will be your access to the daily modules in addition to daily activity trackers, diet trackers and any other resources that will be beneficial for each individual's needs. Your program will be specifically created for you. In addition, you will have access to a convenient messaging system for easy contact with your coach.

Health TYME Video Course

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12 Weekly Modules

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Custom Created Modules

Each weekly module, custom created by myself, will consist of 5-6 individual daily modules. Each of the daily modules will reinforce the current weekly topic. All modules will also request feedback and information to help reinforce the specific topic. In addition, this information will be used to further individualize your weekly coach talk sessions, as part of the VIP coaching transformation.

Choose The Program That Best Fits Your Needs


VIP Coaching Transformation

A 100% individualized & personalized program including a 30 minute weekly discussion focusing on your daily progress and challenges.

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A program designed to help keep you on the path to your health transformation with a weekly 15 minute phone call.

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Diet Tune-up

A program that will access your current diet to help identify strategies that you can apply to clean-up your diet.

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