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Welcome to Health TYME Video Resources. I provide video marketing resources & course content ranging from simple video personalization to custom created videos. 

Take a look at the full 12 week video course. You can purchase per individual week, Month or the entire 12 week course. Further editing can be performed to meet your needs. Pricing for special requests will be quoted depending on the amount of required customization. 


Take a look at the sample course & marketing videos below to give you an idea of what is possible.

Contact me if you would like a custom created video. I will work with you to create the exact video that you are seeking.

Feel free to take a look at my site. I can re-create anything on my site

to fit your own branding.

Sample Feature Videos

Video Course 

The course covers over 50 topics, including more than 5 hours of video content & 200 page workbook

Month 1


  1. Setting Goals

  2. Identifying Barriers

  3. Goal Relevance & ST Goals

  4. Creating Healthy Habits

  5. Positive & Negative Motivation

  6. Self Efficacy & Ambivalence

  7. Growing A Healthy Mindset

  8. Embrace Your Weaknesses

  9. View Challenges As Opportunities

  10. Focus On Process Not End Result

  11. The Pause Button Mindset

  12. Introduction

  13. Kitchen Overhaul

  14. Meal Planning

  15. Create Your Environment

  16. Away From Home



  1. What Is Protein?

  2. What Are Carbs?

  3. What Are Fats?

  4. Understanding Macronutrients

  5. Don't Forget The Water

  6. Weight loss 101

  7. Sugar

  8. Processed Foods & Refined Grains

  9. Intuitive Eating

  10. The Best Strategy

  11. What Is Hunger?

  12. The Hunger Scale

  13. Emotional Eating

  14. Food Cravings

  15. It's The Weekend

  16. What Is The Best Exercise?

  17. Resistance Training

  18. Make It Convenient

  19. Make It Fun

  20. Exercise Progression



  1. Stress 101

  2. Stress & Health behaviors

  3. Stress Release

  4. Being Busy & Healthy

  5. Managing Stress With Nutrition

  6. Are Your Goals Motivating?

  7. Re-evaluating Your Plan

  8. Health Is More Than Weight loss

  9. Alternate Ways To Track Progress

  10. Falling Off The Wagon

  11. Keys To Continued Success

  12. Prevent Boredom

  13. Experiencing Plateaus

  14. Proper Expectations

  15. Maintaining Your Accomplishments

  16. Goals & Habits - Review

  17. Mindset - Review

  18. Healthy Eating - Review

  19. Exercise - Review

  20. What Happens Now?

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What The Video Course Has To offer

Video Rebranding 

The above videos, as well as the below resources, can be customized with stock photos, videos, colors, backgrounds or content to meet your individual needs.


You can provide specific pics or request content that I will find to meet your needs.

Custom Video Creation also available.

I will collaborate with you to create a fully customized video to meet your specific needs.

The Process

Select Your Video

Complete the form at bottom of the page with your video request. Be sure to list the title of the video you would like customized or some details of your specific video needs. For full custom created videos, you will be given a price quote depending on the amount of customization that will be needed.

View Your Video

You will be able to view all videos once the customization

is completed. Further edits or changes can then be made

if needed.

Purchase Your Video

Once the video meets your satisfaction, you will then purchase and download your video.

Ready To Go Videos

Take a look at my Non-branded videos that can be purchased and

downloaded immediately. These are great if you need a quick video to post on facebook, instagram, etc.

Take A Look At Some Of Your Design Options

$25 For Any Video Segment

$100 For 5 Video Segments

Multiple segments can be delivered as separate files or in a single video with included transitions

Included in the price is customization of:
  • Text of your choice in all text segments
  • Choice of font with all segments with text
  • Color of choice in all video segments
  • Stock photos & videos when applicable
Further requests may require an additional fee​

You will not pay for your videos until you have been able to view the customized video. Complete the form at bottom of page and I will begin your videos ASAP. You will then receive a link to view your completed videos.


3D Titles & Text

Dynamic Text

I can provide a nearly endless option for text & titles, but you can view a list of possible options by clicking below.

Dynamic text is an excellent way to present text in a fast & sleek style.

 Animated Text

I can provide a nearly endless style of animated text, but you can click below to see a list of the possibilities.

Info Displays

Info Displays can be used as short videos or a way to display information in a longer story. 


Grids can be created with up to 30 pictures &/or videos of nearly endless styles. Click below to view some possibilities.


Infographics are a professional way to present information or guide your story.

Tutorials & Education

Present tutorials or provide education in an exciting and professional design.

Promo & Advertisement

Present your special offers & opportunities in an exciting display.


Present content in an exciting and engaging way. Many more slideshow options coming soon.


Theses are just a few examples. Click below for more.

If you don't see what you need above, let me know what you are looking for and it will be custom created for you.

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