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Health Coach


Online Assessment & Consultation

You will complete an online form to help identify your goals, your current and past experiences, and to help identify the potential challenges that you may face during your transformational journey.

We will then briefly discuss the completed form via phone call to help set you off on the right path.

Health TYME Video Course

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Lessons Can Be

Completed Online

Or Offline

Internet access required to view videos

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Lots of




Video Course


12 Transformational Modules

You will gain access to 12 weekly modules, which includes more than 60 daily modules. These modules will guide you through setting goals and creating healthy habits. In addition, the modules will likely cover any issues or challenges that you will face.​​ Each module will include include questions to help apply the material to your life situations.

  1. Goal Setting

  2. Creating Habits

  3. Mindset

  4. Controlling Your Environment

  5. Nutritional Fundamentals

  6. The Healthy Diet

  7. Managing Your Hunger

  8. Fitting Exercise Into Your Life

  9. Managing Stress

  10. Maintaining Motivation

  11. Ensuring Continued Success

  12. Program Review

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Accountability Tracking

You will be asked to complete an accountability tracker each day using the Just Coach mobile app. I will view your input each day and will offer a gentle nudge or brief feedback by the end of each day.

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In-app Messaging

You have access to in app messaging in case you need some occasional advice

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Weekly Accountabilty Phone Chat

Weekly phone call to help reinforce healthy habits and maintain accountability.

Begin Your Life Transformation Today

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