VIP Coaching Transformation

One-on-One Coaching

This signature program will include a 30 minute phone call each week. This call will not be a structured learning session. This call will focus on:

  • Your concerns pertaining to your weekly experience.

  • Addressing your challenges or struggles.

  • Discussion of your input from daily modules & trackers

  • Celebration of accomplishments and progress

Ultimately, the call will focus on your specific needs in ensuring that you maintain on your path to achieving all of your long term goals

100% Personalized Experience

I realize that every clients has different goals, challenges, environments, lifestyles, interests and beliefs. Therefore, every program will be customized to ensure that it creates a perfect fit for your life. You will truly dictate when, how and what pace we integrate the steps in transforming your mind and your life.

7 Day Per Week Access to Me

You will not need to wait a week to receive feedback, ask questions or request advice. You will have access to an excellent in app messaging system. You will receive a response from me as soon as possible, usually within 30 minutes, and often immediately during normal business hours.

Cutting Edge Mobile App

The Just Coach app will provide easy and convenient access to your daily modules. In addition, you will have access to trackers, which could include diet, activity, water intake, sleep, stress or any other tracker that would be helpful in ensuring your progress towards your goals.

Health TYME Video Course

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Lessons Can Be

Completed Online

Or Offline

Internet access required to view videos

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Video Course


VIP Member Access

You will receive access to a VIP member only page where you can view or download any recipe pack at no charge, in addition to a library of helpful resources.

VIP Member Page

VIP Member Page


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